The UGIT group presents a new “made in France” brand – Fellah – inspired by a charming story. Marc Antoine wanted to depict a person through fragrance creations. Each Velvet fragrance is inspired by a conversation, a moment, an exchange with a little girl named Fellah. Marc Antoine was struck by the innocence of this sweet little girl and her view of the world. She simultaneously represents the pureness of heart, the open-mindedness and the vitality of youth.

Marc Antoine loves talking to this happy little girl who asks questions that sometimes go unanswered, her big eyes expressing her desire to discover the world, and her unadulterated spontaneity.

The creation of these fragrances therefore differed greatly from traditional processes, as Marc Antoine wanted to explain to her how the fragrances came into his mind and why she inspired them. As a frequent traveller, Marc Antoine also wanted Fellah fragrances to serve as escapism for those who wear his creations. The raw materials were chosen with the utmost care, to ensure they were more than just notes. The compositions, authentic fragrances from Grasse, all have very distinct characters and create very different moods.

Fellah perfume extracts are presented in very luxurious packaging. The glass bottles, designed specifically for UGIT, display a stylish and sophisticated collar and cap. All of the shapes and colours convey softness, as well as uncluttered landscapes, the waves of the sea, and change, as if to suggest a journey. The bottles, which feel luxuriously heavy, are showcased by their packaging. Discover the bottle, presented on a base, by lifting the lid.

Fellah will please aesthetes, those who appreciate original notes and fine French perfumery.


This delicious vanilla overdose will quickly become addictive as the wearer is carried away on a breath of fresh air. A breathtaking rush of selected citrus fruits softens the bold vanilla that constitutes the very heart of this formula. We can also detect tangy bergamot, the vitamin-enriched orange, accompanied by acidic notes of lemon. These radiant notes of vitality and freshness paradoxically strengthen the softness of the vanilla, making it more sensual and soft. Musk and tonka beans gradually make their subtle appearance, bringing life to the mysterious facets of this fragrance. This passionate creation, that creates a sheen on the skin, inspires endless devotion.


Imagine a gust of white flower petals mixed with powdery sweetness that settles on the skin like a velvety cloud. A rush of almost classic citrus head notes is followed by heady, opulent florals. Strong in character, they are tempered here by the rounded notes of orange blossom and fresh coconut. The soothing fruit enhances this pure white combination, a unique floral fruity scent. A powdery vanilla base gives this deliciously sophisticated creation remarkable strength, with just a hint of Parisian frivolity!


With its sultry fragrance trail, this scent is literally enveloping, giving the wearer the feeling they are being transported to the Paris Opera House. It is both soft as fabric and powerful, with bold notes of leather and wood. Saffron, with its earthy accents, invigorated by juniper berry, is the first to make an appearance amid a pomelo zest. The vibration continues with sombre and nonchalant violet, against slightly smoky leather. This utter sophistication is self-evident in a velvety base of cashmere wood, earthy radiant vetiver and a subtle touch of irresistible raspberry.


Explorers ready to go whichever way the wind blows will find themselves in an imaginary forest filled with an intriguing mixture of green notes, the deepest of which originate from the bark, and those that are almost hidden, from the resin. To entice them further, sweet bergamot is accompanied by green notes to enhance its invigorating character. This is followed by precious cedar wood, rendered all the more mysterious when combined with aromatic lavender. Further into this olfactory journey, the majestic oud makes an appearance, combining with musk to create an ambiance that warms the skin. These secret olfactory encounters produce a fragrance that is both dazzling and sensual.


This fragrance makes an entrance! It bursts open with a fresh, zesty flash of citrus that can’t conceal its heart notes, oscillating between wood, spices and jasmine. It conjures images of Paris in the Roaring Twenties, with endless passion and joie de vivre packed into one bottle! The aromatic curtain lifts; it is composed of fresh cypress with mischievous bergamot. An impressive dance, perhaps a tango, is performed by powerful cardamom and velvety jasmine. They oscillate along a carpet of slightly dry and warm cedar, coupled with mysterious amber. The numerous notes all have their own rhythm, with amber secretly playing the role of conductor.


With this top note of grape fruit – the velvet XI is super attractive and captures the attention of everyone around you. Furthermore, the woody accords act as a heart note, giving an opulent and warm oriental feels. And to add to its subtle ingredients – the trail note amber rich and sensual make twinkling the fresh scent of the grapefruit. Regardless of the kind of clothes you wear – the stability of fragrance linger even after hours. A sublime scent made by UGIT fragrance Paris.