The added value of the ‘Made in France’ label

We are at the centre of a network of specialists chosen on a project-by-project basis, with each and every creation customised. French style shines bright throughout the development process, permeating each creation.

We select the perfumers to bring the customised ingredients to life and brief them on the customer’s desires and dream fragrance. The perfumers work with the raw materials chosen for their character and olfactory presence, while adhering to the customer’s price targets.

Through a series of exchanges, the note of the fragrance is crafted like a sculpture to please the customer and win over future buyers.

In Grasse, the chosen ingredients are left to macerate for three weeks, then chilled in the cold for a week. The macerated product is only filtered after resting for a week. This approach allows the raw materials to settle in the formula and create the perfect notes. This craftsmanship allows us to supply very high-quality perfumes.

Creating the fragrance brand

As the olfactory creation takes place, our marketing team works with the designers to find the perfect bottle for the project. All the aspects of development are handled simultaneously to ensure complete coherence in the project without compromising on speed.

Our responsiveness and intricate subject knowledge allow us to work quickly and keep to very strict deadlines.

As the perfume is manufactured, our customers are given a ‘marketing & communication pack’. We propose elegant (often French) names and sophisticated graphic designs to decorate the bottles and boost the boldly individual packaging, working each detail with precision. Depending on the customer requirements, we can even propose advertising images, point-of-sale tools and samples.

We work with the customer on each project to outline anything they may need, which will later be supplied with the fragrance..