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Bottled travel writings

Alexandre Marc is a niche perfume brand and a designer label in the truest and finest sense of the term. Through his olfactory creations, Alexandre Marc writes the chapters of a story seen by this perfumer as a journey of discovery. These fragrances bring memories or dreams of the East to life—subtle hints of incredible, peaceful landscapes and moments where time stood still.

These precious fragrances tell a story that makes your spirit soar. This olfactory tale is split into eight chapters or unique perfume creations: four for men and four for women. The perfumer takes us on his journeys—from crossing a Moroccan rose field to waking up in the smooth folds of India’s jasmine, feeling the wind caressing the oceans and moving to the rhythm of the cedar forest.

Each new creation has a unique sensitivity and unforgettable character deeply committed to the abundance and magic of its arrangement.

Narrative ingredients and olfactory precision

Marc Alexandre is a fantasy traveller who sets off to source the rarest of ingredients and the raw materials scattered across the world by nature.

Each fragrance is crafted like a jewel—an ornament for the skin where the ingredient comes into its own. Each essence is like a colourful stone that finds its niche among the others. A note must shine or remain in the background, enhance the qualities of other materials, respond to them as an echo, or build on them. A fragrance is thus faceted, like a cut diamond. Alexandre Marc’s approach is to put the ingredients in their rightful place to ensure they blossom to full effect when in contact with the skin, thus showcasing their best qualities.


The art of olfactory precision

The traditional raw materials are reinvented by the art of mixing. Alexandre Marc chooses the best raw materials and the finest essences, mixing them in line with a French manufacturing process to respect for their fragility.

The creative process is slow, considered and precise. Mixing with alcohol remains a highly artistic procedure which serves to protect the fragility of the ingredients which are liable to become damaged if handled roughly. The scents are poured into elegant glass bottles, which sometimes reveal colours derived from natural substances.

Alexandre Marc’s perfume creations are to be instantly adopted as firm favourites and cherished like wonderful love stories. From the perfumer, they become the hallmark of those who choose them.