A specialist company

We have spent the past 15 years creating, developing and manufacturing quality French fragrances for our customers, and in their name.

Based in Paris, we are in direct contact with the perfumers and production plants in Grasse in the South of France. We also work directly with the packaging suppliers and French designers. Our UGIT team stands out through its expertise and unique know-how, which it uses to coordinate a number of external participants whose work is essential to the development of a fragrance.

We complete projects from fragrance idea to finished product, handling all manufacturing issues on behalf of the customer. We oversee the entire development process. The customer can be confident of receiving a scent suited to their market, a product made from first-class ingredients and a well-marketed fragrance with attractive packaging.

Intricate work

Our defining feature is an ability to manage small volumes and support our customers looking to create niche brands. We put as much care and attention into the launch of 2,000 bottles as a much bigger launch.

Our presence in the Gulf is particularly high-profile, with local representative offices. There we are the trusted French specialist for all fragrance development.

As fine fragrance experts, our scents embody the singular French style and know-how—unique hallmarks of quality and sophistication.