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Alexandre Marc for HIM – Chapter 1

The fragrance opens with a citrus haze and fruity, leafy tones for an invigorating green blend. It soars with joy, revealing gentle crunchy middle notes with an unexpected and endearing harmony of succulent apple and sea spray. Little by little, the warmth of the skin releases the base notes and the main theme. Evocative of a majestic cedar wood and dry wood, it conjures up images of lost island vegetation.

The ingredients point to a thirst for adventure and wide open spaces. They inspire wanderlust alongside the man wearing the fragrance who we can easily picture as an explorer.

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Alexandre Marc for HIM – Chapter 2

This fragrance opens with an almost traditional character before giving way to a more surprising nature. The citrus, spicy tones of the top notes fade away, revealing middle notes with a woody, green zing. A secret violet radiates deliciously to add further mystery to the arrangement finished off with elegant vetiver and seductive amber.

The notes of this perfume combine great strength with infinite sweetness. This fragrance is like a sensible, solid and very endearing man.

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Alexandre Marc for HIM – Chapter 3

This fragrance will turn heads with its very delicate opening. The violet blends with unusual bergamot in sophisticated top notes. The senses are intrigued by the bouquet which appears to slip away to drift on an endless expanse of water. The charm takes hold and the seemingly calm waters reveal and enhance the components of the infusion, several select spices. The journey culminates with warm and dry woody notes which bring some air to the blend of major elements.

This perfume has the temperament of fire and the wisdom of water. It will appeal to spirited characters and men who make their mark and linger in our thoughts.

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Alexandre Marc for HIM – Chapter 4

This fragrance begins at high speed through a spicy, green crescendo with a sensuous plant scent. Its middle notes are transparent and pure. The herbs in the wind do not evade us completely, accompanying strange flowers like water jasmine and the marine winds. The musk and cedar give a sweetness to the note for a very endearing creation. The notes blend harmoniously for a very enveloping creation to be worn like fine cashmere on the skin.
This fragrance speaks of a serene, open man in tune with the nature he loves—a free man and modern-day romantic who likes the feel of wind on his face and clothes on his skin.

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