Manzana always produces perfumes that are perfectly in tune with trends, meaning its creations evolve in sync with the times. With special expertise and always ready to listen to its customers, Manzana is constantly coming up with new innovations.


Manzana Farihah is judicious blend of vibrant lemon note, with a warm patchouli that adds a sensual character to the perfume and it’s combined with a rose floral base that gives a sweet-honeyed and carnal accents. It feels like a partition of music with perfect harmony of scent.


Forteresse is now available in a lighter version, but is still just as vibrant as the original.
It comes in a totally new bottle. The fragrance is protected behind an elegant veil of light-brown glass, the shape of which has been redesigned into one that’s not as slender as its predecessor’s. Forteresse Light has its own, individual stopper in a solid chrome colour, bringing this very refined bottle to life. The box also has a new look but has kept its bright colours and subtle patterns.
This new version of Forteresse is slightly lighter but still has its signature character. The note opens with a beautiful rose scent, marking the beginning of a sensory journey that crosses paths with radiant patchouli. This mysterious leaf softens the subtle oud and woody sandalwood. Forteresse Light has a sweet base: the labdanum, a resin obtained from rockrose (a Mediterranean shrub), maintains the warm, floral aspect of its origins. Also in the base, we find saffron. This ‘red gold’ brings out a unique, coppery, spiced note with a somewhat “leathery” facet.
This superb fragrance has a mysterious Eastern character and is an ode to the luxuriant vegetation of warmer lands.


This Chypre perfume hums to the beat of delicate rose and freesia on a reassuring woody base. The note is full of joy with a fresh blackcurrant opening. The sweetness of this accord is enhanced with a pink scent and a distinctive, carefully crafted stopper for a bottle protected by a beautiful box bearing curved keys and very sophisticated matt gold hot-stamping.

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This creation showcases the radiance, abundance and subtlety of gold, which offers myriad effects with the bottle and box in matt or shiny gold. We can already picture the amber oriental smells and the warmth of a sensual scent glowing on the skin.

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The ambiance is immediately calmed by the padded box studded with gold and the shiny opaque bottle. The mysterious aura of this perfume radiates gently. On the skin, this scent for men tells the secrets of the night through opulent raw materials.

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Women are enchanted by the incredible story of Cleopatra and her elegant olfactory signature evocative of an oriental journey. This amber powdery perfume has a strong, original character. Available with a matt or shiny gold stopper, the bottle has two different faces.

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The design features myriad subtleties on both the box and the glass bottle. The classic has been updated by the designer who was keen to add a special patina to the box for a worn, seasoned material effect. This is also in evidence in the fragrance.

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As its name would suggest, the fragrance encapsulates blends pushed to the max, with almost animal notes, a hint of orange groves, perfectly ripened citrus fruits, and more. It is an elixir of fruits of the sun and delectably succulent citrus fruits, with an orange top note. The creator has invented a new scent based on an orange tree’s blossom, wood and fruits, giving it a strong and mysterious character. This novel heart note is enhanced by the vibrant base. In this bottom note we can make out subtle oak moss, deeply anchored amber, and velvety wood. The fragrance gradually reveals its many joyful, seductive and intoxicating aspects, so you will never get tired of it.
The perfume is presented in a faceted bottle, bringing to mind crumpled paper or an object that’s been held tightly. We love the glass with its light tint of soft taupe grey, and the heavy, shiny silver bottle head, embellished with a beautiful engraving, reminding us of its maker. The bottle and its box are opulent and delicate, blending restrained elegance with radiance, representative of the mysteries held within.



This perfume is an invitation to play. The tone is set right from the start through its packaging. The bottle is nested in a wonderful paper and velvet box. When you lift up its silver cover, you discover a completely white bottle with a silvery radiance. Just like the bottle with its delicate curves, the decorative stopper is heavy, yet very chic, and features an engraving of the brand’s symbol.
The scent elicits a great sweetness, its olibanum gradually opening up the balsamic aroma. Like incense, its enticing aroma, with its lemony, wooded and resinous qualities, has seductive powers. Then, as if lifted like a veil, the patchouli is revealed, combined with the subtle plant essences of milky sandalwood and warm oud. The blends are perfectly dosed to be elegant and powerful on the skin, depending on the wearing. In the addictive base notes, we find sweet, vanilla-flavoured, powdery benzoin, along with seductive ambergris.
It is a timeless, elegant perfume to be loved and worn over a whole lifetime…



The ambiance shifts with a very fresh blue scent for a woody oriental fragrance suitable for both men and women. The design underlines the contemporary feel of this fragrance.

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This modern, sophisticated fragrance sparkles with a citrus accord before giving way to sensual floral middle notes of Moroccan rose and iris. The chic and understated bottle embodies the attractive structure of the fragrance while the box design showcases the delicious soaring notes.

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Inspiring strength and masculinity, this name conveys a graphic, lively and reassuring creation. This dynamic tone and modern scent appeal to young people who like to live life in the fast lane.

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The Forteresse bottle is given a very unexpected twist with an ultra-modern screen-printed bottle. The box design evokes the warm and solid woodiness of the reassuring, serene base notes, while the spices crackle alongside the almost-effervescent hints of citrus.

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Many are immediately captivated with this fragrance with its elegant design like an item of clothing. The textile-themed grid features on both the expertly screen-printed bottle and the box. The notes are the result of a wonderful structure on woody base notes in perfect harmony with the skin.

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We love the subtle paper work and its various effects and the elegant heavy bottle sheathed in protective white and topped off with a gold stopper specially designed for this fragrance.




This simple, understated scent has been successful in Africa. An opening of startling fresh oriental notes is overtaken by amber middle notes and near-carnal base notes. The sign of an elegant perfume!

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This animal design and printed bottle evoke a resilient man upon first glance. The ‘oriental fern’ scent is also unexpected and elegant with exceptional raw materials including sandalwood, heliotrope, jasmine and amber.

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