UGIT Fragrances took the opportunity to present its latest creations at the Beauty World 2016 trade fair in Dubai. Fanette made a grand entrance into High Perfumery at this international event.
The general public, retailers and press all had the chance to admire the Fanette collection on a stand that had been designed to look like a stunning perfume box. The stylish decoration – a touch of deep black and soft gold – provided an elegant backdrop to the perfume bottles and cases created by Fanette.


Visitors were able to experience the six fragrances by lifting delicate glass funnels which were arranged in a way that was slightly evocative of the fragrance designer’s perfume organ. This staging perfectly reflected the style and distinction of the brand, which is unmistakeably made-in-France. Fanette expresses the French art of living through fragrances – in particular by using Marie-Antoinette’s favourite notes – and reworks the most beautiful oriental raw materials.




This perfume offers a “delicious fragrant treat”, an original creation which flutters back and forth between sweetness and pleasantly spicy notes containing citrus, sun-dried woods and precious flowers. Together they produce a fragrance that leaves an unforgettable trail…
Fanette has succeeded in combining deep, powerful notes with a delicate, sweet lightness. We love the first glimpse of bergamot, bright and green, which sets the scene for the mysterious, slightly earthy iris butter. The iris converses with bright violet to make us fall instantly in love with this much sought-after perfume. Fanette seals our love forever with a base of patchouli sweetened with vanilla.

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Arabian Soiree

Fanette has imagined a ball to which amazing raw materials have been invited, to make perfect, surprising matches.
The rose bursts forth before instantly fading away, seeming to leave a velvety trail of spices vying for our attention. Leather and patchouli get on famously in this delicious, floral setting. Cue the VIP guests, who blend in skilfully. We savour intense precious woods on the skin, warm sandalwood, exuberant vanilla and white musk which skims across the whole note. So much more than the one night implied by its name, Arabian Soirée is undoubtedly the perfume of a lifetime…

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Epic Oud

Flanette has re-worked a classic woody feel, interspersing it with citrus and floral notes for a more vibrant arrangement.
Experience how bergamot and strawberry open up, to be savoured like a cocktail of crushed fruit. And the invigorating tone is set! This unique feel continues as we reach the heart of this perfume, which beats to the rhythm of majestic cedar combined with unmistakeable lily of the valley. Oud, the guiding light of this olfactory creation, plays with the dry woods and the sandalwood which channels them beautifully. Epic Oud evolves delicately over hours and is elusive as it gradually reveals its mysterious nature….

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Imperial Moon

Fanette has dared to make a bold attack on our senses with aldehyde notes offsetting strong spices. The ginger and saffron warm the skin, embodying the powerful character of this perfume.
Then comes a vibrant selection of precious woods from which we have extracted a rich sap. Combined with a vibrant patchouli, the sandalwood becomes warm and dark. Oud – king of essences – commands the scene without hesitation, taking its place on a bed of radiant amber.
Woody, ambery and spicy, Imperial Moon resonates differently on each wearer’s skin. A very personal signature.

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Miss Fanette

This sweet name hints at an olfactory creation which is soft but full of character – just like a confident young girl.
Its personality flits between the charm of oriental essences and the straightforward indulgence of fruit. The note opens with a citrus, while lemon sparkles with lavender, evoking a sunny early morning in Provence. Next, opulent peach sets in, wrapped in a whisper of jasmine – a very sensuous combination. Little by little we discover amber and vanilla: rounded, cosy notes. Supported by a warm, woody base, these addictive notes linger on the skin.

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The Fatale Rose

This rose is surprising, complex and quite remarkable! It hesitates to show itself straight away, as if inviting us to approach it though secret gardens.
We start off in a delicious green setting. Here, we discover freshly crushed mandarin leaves, releasing a subtle blend of their green character and a memory of their citrus notes. Then, the note seeks out the orange blossom and the jasmine, as well as the opulent crimson roses of classical French gardens. It is easy to imagine the velvety petals, their deep red colour as intense as their perfume. Fanette prefers woody base notes with an unrivalled sensuality. There is no doubt at all that it is the musk and cedar that make this irresistible rose fatal.

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